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With more than 15 years experience, APT International is specialised in the purchase , sale and retrofitting with warranty of second hand industrial production machinery- and systems. Our purchase of machinery comes especially from finished companies, total inventories of companies in failure and also leasing contracts. APT International has a relationship with some big machinebuilding companies for witch we buy and sell with guarantee. The machines are starting up in good working condition and eventuelly with training from the produces. Beside the steady value we have on the BENELUX market, we are also associated with the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF MACHINE TOOL MARCHANTS (EAMTM ) the number one on the World trade of second hand dealors. In a word, APT International is an honest answer on your request for recent and good second machinery and accessories.
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ATP International
Phone :
+32 (0)9 / 386.15.71

Address :
Kortrijksesteenweg 276, industriepark 5
9800 Deinze Belgiƫ - Belgium

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