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Managing Your Wireless Workforce

White Paper Published By: Symantec.cloud
Published:  Nov 29, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

Explosive growth in the mobile workforce has led to increasing attention paid to the security of mobile data and devices. Mobile data security is most effective when implemented in a series of layers. It begins with tangible, familiar steps such as installing smart firewalls, deploying anti-virus software, and using encrypted connections.
True mobile security doesn’t stop there. It can’t depend entirely on devices and software. The responsibility for genuine data security relies just as much on the actions of end users. This means companies must instill a culture of security within their organizations. Doing this requires well thought-out policies and procedures designed to encourage and enforce smart and safe business practices.
This paper will provide advice, best practices, and insight on how to create security and management policies for a wireless workforce.

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