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Cascade MicroTech US Case Study

Case Study Published By: Webroot UK
Webroot UK
Published:  Feb 04, 2013
Type:  Case Study
Length:  2 pages

This case study describes how a technology company with globally dispersed locations addressed concerns about Web security. These included an increasing number of mobile workers, numerous malware infections on its network, and the legal and financial risks of employees accessing inappropriate material on the Internet. The IT manager at Cascade Microtech, Inc., tells how he initially considered appliance-based Web security but could not justify the cost and complexity of placing a box at each site, which would still not cover mobile workers.  Instead, the company chose the cloud-based Webroot® Web Security Service. Even before fully deploying Webroot, the company saw its malware infections plummet from 2500 to 50, reducing workload on the IT staff. In addition, IT can now protect mobile workers while providing a service to HR that enforces Web usage policies by content categories.

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