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The Product Delivery Problem (Hint: It’s Not You)

White Paper Published By: Jama Software
Jama Software
Published:  Mar 06, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

For product managers and their counterparts, the road to launch is a fight to keep every task, every detail, every change grounded in business goals. It’s not enough to be fast. Or to deliver the right product. You need to do both. This requires:

  • Balancing the needs of many stakeholders to define a set of requirements for what’s being built, why and how.
  • Prioritizing and re-prioritizing “must-have” mandates from multiple voices—everyone from front-end users to engineers to sales to support.
  • Ensuring that what gets built is what every one expects.

This white paper outlines surefire ways you can establish and maintain a strong connection between intended outcomes, development methodologies and customer value. 

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product delivery, development methodologies, customer value, business goals, enterprise applications