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Published By: Boomtrain     Published Date: Mar 29, 2016
Learn how to send exceptionally relevant emails and boost engagement with the most powerful technology for email marketers.
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machine learning for marketers, marketing automation, email marketing, content analytics, content personalization, email personalization, dynamic email content, predictive content
Published By: Mintigo     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014
Some 60% of B2B marketers lack confidence in their lead scoring models due to incomplete data, while 44% say they donít have enough insight into buying behavior,í reports Decision Tree Labs in a 2013 study. By leveraging data science and machine learning, marketers can now develop better personas pinpoint the best prospects with predictive lead scoring, and gain insights from enriched account data.
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marketo, marketing operations, marketing automation, marketing analytics, lead scoring, lead nurturing, eloqua, lead management

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