presentation skills

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Published By: Citrix     Published Date: Jun 03, 2015
Read this paper to learn 20 habits of truly brilliant presenters and tips for nurturing these habits in your own presentations.
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Published By: Communispond     Published Date: Jul 08, 2013
85% of us would rather give up water than mobile apps! We all know itódigital screens have officially invaded our lives. They have grown in popularity, enhancing our personal and professional lives, which includes the learning space. Do they really enhance the learning experience or are they just a distraction?
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communispond, digital learning, byod, multi-screen, communication skills, public speaking, communication training, presentation skills, technology in education, technology in classrooms, learning and development
Published By: Citrix     Published Date: May 14, 2014
This paper provides information and research on the power of Body Language in a presentation.
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body language, presentation, presentation skills, improve presentations, confidence in online presentations, camera angles in online presentations
Published By: Citrix     Published Date: Apr 08, 2014
How speakers on all levels can learn to give world-class presentations.
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presentations, ted, speeches, presentation skills, conferencing, meetings, video conferencing

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