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Indicative's leadership team has the depth of over 150 years of industry experience in network, systems and service management. Real world implementations have taught us that while event based management tools work well for monitoring component health, they are neither well suited nor cost effective for today's complex and dynamic IT environments. Herein lays Indicative's unique value proposition: to enhance end-user experience, boost productivity throughout the enterprise, and decrease operating costs. Indicative does this proactively and in context with data from existing event management tools. Indicative offers context, visualization and performance monitoring of the entire service delivery chain — network, systems, applications, database, storage, security, customers and partners. Indicative helps IT resolve problems more quickly, prioritize resources more effectively based on the business impact of anomalies. Indicative is the most cost effective way of connecting the performance of IT assets to business results.
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Indicative Software
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(970) 530-0790

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724 Whalers Way
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